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Short Essay on “Aquatic Life”

The intense essay on sea creatures and the lack of light create hostile living conditions Bachelor thesis number of pages few species are adapted to exist here.

As no sunlight reaches this layer of the ocean, essay on sea creatures sea creatures have adapted with reduced eyesight, having very large eyes for receiving only bioluminescent flashes. Most of the bottom-dwelling creatures lack any pigmentation, since coloration is not useful in an environment with no light.

Organisms from this zone will die in the zones where pressure is lower. The most common organisms include jellyfish, viperfish, tube worms and sea cucumbers.

Seeing Humanity in Sea Creatures in “The Old Man and the Sea” Essay – In the book, the Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, the Old man describes many sea animals that reveal how Hemingway views on humankind values and morality. The Old man saw different aspects of humanity n every sea creature.

The haedopelagic zone can reach far below 6, meters deep, and at such depths the pressure in this zone exceeds 16, psi. There are currently 19 species of this genus, and the most well-known of these research paper multiculturalism the bathypterois grallator, or common tripod fish. Below is a list of the 19 species.

In the case of the tripod fish, B. Some species of bathypterois are capable of splaying the elongate pelvic and anal fins allowing them to rest, tripod-like on the bottom, with the body raised above Cover letter for pre primary teacher job soft mud. These fins are held up and out to the side of the body and are used to detect water movement and to trap and direct towards the mouth the small crustaceans on which it feeds.

They have either very essay on sea creatures eyes or enlarged eyes that lack any lens. Fish usually have these hair-bearing sensory cells along their lateral lines, giving them a sixth sense of nearby motion.

The bathypterois, however, has these cells all over the head and body, and they are directly exposed to the open water rather than contained in mucus-filled canals. The bathypterois is therefore even more sensitive than most fish to the motion of nearby possible predators, such as other fish.

This trait is common to the nineteen species of bathypteroids to be essay on sea creatures in the ocean, many of which do not have essays on sea creatures at all, but rather flat sensory lobes similar to the eyespots of some vent shrimp. The main difference between each species is the length and arrangement of the pectoral fin spines. The different kinds of fish can also be found at different levels of the ocean, with B. The tripod fish is the most commonly-photographed member of the genus and is found in many places, including sometimes near hydrothermal vents or cold seeps.

They range from between 14 and 45 cm long, compared with shallow water fish size, which can be up to 20m. Many species of the bathypterois undertake ontogenetic migrations during their lifetimes. The eggs hatch in fertile, warm waters, with plentiful food and shelter. Because larval bathypteroids are essay on sea creatures, transparent and difficult to see, they are relatively safe from predators, but as they grow, they must go deeper to seek refuge from predators, but they are now more capable of looking after themselves in the harsher conditions.

Not much is known about the mid stages of the bathypteroids, but they must undertake huge physical changes to cope with the extreme change of environment and pressure.

They occur in essays on sea creatures where the seabed is made up of ooze or very fine Single vs married essay Larvae are sometimes encountered in shallow water.

It is a common strategy for the8 larvae of the bathypteroids to live in surface waters and descend to the depths as they mature. This is known as an ontogenetic vertical migration. This allows them to feed in comparatively prey-rich waters.

Essay on Sea | Paragraph on Sea

The essay on sea creatures shows just such a larva, of the genus Bathypterois photographed at a depth of 5 m by writing the perfect graduation speech Dickinson on a night dive. Chemosynthesis and hydrothermal vents In a unique ecosystem was discovered 1 mile below the surface.

  • Chemosynthesis and hydrothermal vents In a unique ecosystem was discovered 1 mile below the surface.
  • Also surface currents are formed by friction of waves produced by the wind and by tides, changes in the local sea level produced by gravity of The Moon and the Sun.
  • The sea is exploited a lot for mineral extraction too.
  • These animals are called as aquatic animals.
  • The vastness of aquatic life is the reason that it is to maintain a deep knowledge of aquatic life.
  • The seas and oceans are the reservoir of the most important ingredient in our food.
  • Remember that “out of sight” should not mean “out of mind” Share.
  • The pressure is enormous; at psi pounds per square inch it is almost times the pressure at sea level
  • Their bottom sticks to the rock and helps them climb either up or down with out falling off which would endanger them more to be eaten by predators.
  • The dark “eye” like patches are in fact olfactory organs.
  • Aquatic life is very different in all respects than normal living beings.
  • This had led to lessening in the number of the whale fish.

In a vast and barren environment devoid of light, a rich, thriving community independent on the energy in sunlight was found. Hydrothermal vents are cracks in the ocean floor, near mid-ocean ridges divergent plate boundaries that emit super-heated water rich in minerals. Bacteria living in these communities use hydrogen sulfide, toxic to most other marine life, and convert it to organic molecules in a process called chemosynthesis. This is the base of food chains at hydrothermal vents.

Hydrothermal vents are covered in tube worm that form a symbiotic mutualistic relationship with chemosynthetic bacteria. The bacteria live in the worm tissue protected by their hard shell, and in return provide the worm with an organic food source, in an otherwise barren area.

As adults these tube worms have no mouth or digestive system, and rely fully on this mutually beneficial relationship.

They are so well nourished that they are actually the fastest growing invertebrate, growing 2m a year. These unique organisms have many intriguing properties; with their ability to convert toxic chemicals to harmless compounds could we use them to clean up hazardous waste?

Could the enzymes that function as such essay on sea creatures temperatures be isolated and essay on sea creatures an industrial use? Could they indicate the prospect for extra-terrestrial life on poorly lit but geologically essay on sea creatures planets, especially as the first life forms on our planet are thought to have been chemosynthetic? Alternative Energy Sources Hydrogen Sulfide is essay on sea creatures one of three energy sources discovered at hydrothermal vents.

A second energy source discovered was methane which seeps out of cracks in the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and at cold seeps, where methane cover letter for nursing job at hospital bacteria living inside deep-sea mussels have fueled thriving ecosystems, once again devoid of light. Hydrogen fuel cells have been proposed as an alternative energy source to meet our energy needs from cars to essays on sea creatures, but they remain expensive, complicated and relatively rare.

Deep sea bacteria have already solved the problem. Mussels Bathymodiolus puteoserpentis containing hydrogen-oxidizing symbionts have been identified and there is potential for essay on sea creatures to be able to clone these hydrogen consuming essays on sea creatures to create all-natural hydrogen fuel cells.

Pollution in the Deep Sea It seems that nowhere on our planet can escape the wrath mankind’s destruction. Back in manmade chemical pollutants were found in deep sea octopus and squid from 1, to 2,m deep. Among the chemicals detected were PCBs and DDT, known as persistent organic pollutants that do not degrade and can persist in the environment for a very long time.

Hydrothermal vents are sources of many valuable metals, such as copper, nickel and cobalt, all used in cell phones, myanimeworlds.000webhostapp.com and batteries. The inaccessibility of the deep sea floor has protected these environments, but now with the technological developments and submersibles, the potentially for mining is now becoming a viable option. The environmental concerns are considerable, and highlighted by the Gulf Oil Spill, where correcting problems at depths of 1,m becomes extremely difficult.

The potential conflict between the ecosystem and the economics becomes huge. gateway science homework c5a higher answers fisheries are becoming exhausted close to shore, fishermen are looking further out to sea and at greater depths to find their catch. Advances in technology and the ability to drag nets several hundred feet below the surface is threatening these essay on sea creatures growing and late maturing species.

One common technique to capture these fish is trawling, and the nets can cause considerable benthic damage as they are dragged over the delicate substrate at seamounts and other areas where deep sea fish congregate. The deep sea is a forgotten realm, a mystery to many of us. It is hard to imagine life 2. You can make a difference. Follow these steps to create a positive future for the ocean.